Brian Steever

More Or Less Dry.mp3

Get ready to Dance! 

Bowl In A China Shop.mp3

Brian gets freaky with some percussion on the end of this track! 

Comedy of Eros.mp3

My Lovely wife Katie Steever is the Whistler Extraordinaire on this track!

A Kite.mp3

Click the play button to listen to "A Kite" by Brian Steever! 

Cost Of Good Soul.mp3

 Cost of Good Soul by Brian Steever!

All The Things You Are.mp3

Check out Brian's arrangement of the Jerome Kern Classic, "All The Things You Are" 

Saddest Factory.mp3

Listen to "Saddest Factory" by Brian Steever! 

These seven songs were written by me with the exception of 'All the Things You Are' written by Jerome Kern but arranged by me.  They were recorded with the help of 

Karl McComas-Reichl on Bass

Andrew Ouellette on Piano

Matt Otto on Tenor Saxophone

and Katie Steever Whistling on Comedy of Eros!

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